Dawa Group


Dawa-Group LogoDawa Group is one of East Africa’s top players in the pharmaceutical and industrial chemicals manufacturing and distribution business. Founded in 1994 by Dr. Raju Mohindra and Dr. Ajay Patel, and headquartered in Kenya, the group’s core purpose has been to improve the quality of life (human, animal and crop life) in communities across the region. This purpose is best captured through the various lines of business that the group has pursued over the years.

The Group’s vision is to be a conglomerate, with a human touch, endeavouring to provide a better quality life for all. This includes inclusive growth and sustainable development. The genesis of the group began with the acquisition of the 42 year old company – Dawa Limited by Medisel Kenya Limited. By virtue of its lasting brand value, the group today is called the Dawa Group.

The Group logo is inspired by the universe and the solar system, as much as it is inspired by the atom, its composition and its perpetual motion. The colours in the logo are also reflective of Energy (Red), Happiness (Yellow) and Healthiness (Green).


With the strong leadership of Dr. Raju Mohindra and Dr. Ajay Patel, Dawa Group has over the years expanded in tandem with the growing demand for its products. The Group runs operations in over 10 countries across Africa, powered by a lean team of 500 professionals.

To maintain the top position in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and industrial chemicals in East Africa, Dawa Group’s leadership believes in the power of exceeding customer expectations, continuous growth, motivation of the human resource, and meeting shareholder’s operational expectations as indispensable for the group’s success.

Dawa Group comprises of four companies, all of which are aligned towards the attainment of the group’s overall strategy. The companies and their lines of business are as below:

Medisel Kenya Limited – Distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical and other healthcare products.

Medisel-(K)-LimitedThe parent and flagship company of the Dawa Group is Medisel Kenya Limited, which over the last 20 years has become one of the top 5 pharma companies in Kenya with a turnover of nearly KSH. 2 billion. It continues to grow by leaps and bounds now exporting to over half a dozen countries in East and Central Africa.

The company has over 200 employees with a strong and experienced sales and marketing force that keeps the company ahead of its competition on many levels. Medisel (K) Limited has a strong and reputed name in the medical fraternity across East and Central Africa supplying quality drugs and allied hospital disposables and equipment.

The company has over a dozen brand partners and supplies more than 160 different category of products with another 50 awaiting registration with the authorities. It represents the most credible and well known international companies and their brands in the region having more than 30% of the market share.

Apart from having established a corporate brand, Medisel Kenya Limited has also successfully launched a few successful divisions in branding. From Synergy Pharma to NIC Pharma, Unicorn Specialties to Unicorn Pharma; each of these divisions are internationally acknowledged for their attention to quality, service and marketing acumen. Read More.

Dawa Limited – Manufacturing and distribution of human and animal health pharmaceutical products.

Dawa-LimitedDawa Limited is one of Kenya’s oldest pharma manufacturing companies founded in 1972. It was acquired by Medisel Kenya Limited in 2004 and is now one of the largest pharma producing firm in the region with its footprints in over 10 African countries. It manufactures a number of well known pharma and veterinary brands. The company has over 400 employees and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nairobi.

It has been a consistently good performer with sales turnover increasing over the years. Between 2009 and 2015 the growth rate is touching 275%. By industry and global standards this is above average growth and shows the resilience and emphatic footprint of the company in the region.

The company is acknowledged as a market leader in a number of generic and branded pharma products including anti-biotics, analgesics, anti-histamines, anti-malarials, anti-asthmatics, anti-septics, multi-vitamins, anthelmintics, steroids, expectorants, antacids, anti-hypertensives in general medicine segments and hormones in the gynecology segment. It is the first company in East and Central Africa, covering more than 10 countries to implement SAP ERP. Read More.

FRDL – Real estate development.

FRDLFRDL is a premium real estate company dedicated to the development of high end properties in varied segments including residential, commercial, retail and others. Among its successfully completed residential projects include Casaurina Heights and Temple View Apartments on Forest Road.

One of FRDL’s successful commercial projects has been Ananas Mall in Thika. It currently boasts of Tuskys as its anchor tenant. The mall sees over 20,000 people walk in every week and is one of the most important landmarks in the region.

Another ambitious project launched recently is Albizzia Downs Estate – a controlled mixed development project, spread over 600 acres, in Thika. The Estate will feature residential, commercial, educational campus and recreational parks. The estate features water bodies, natural forests and is conveniently located.

Kel Chemicals Limited – Manufacturing and distribution of fertilizers and industrial chemicals.

Kel-Chemicals-LimitedKEL Chemicals Limited, founded in 1977, is the oldest and largest manufacturer in (East and Central Africa) of single Superphosphate fertilizer and sulphuric acid. The company also manufactures Aluminium sulphate. KEL Chemicals Ltd. focuses on growth through product diversification and increased market penetration.

Fully committed to a environment friendly policy, the company has been awarded the Diamond Mark of Quality by Kenya Bureau of Standards. The management is committed to providing affordable and quality products to the trade. Read More.