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At Medisel Kenya Limited, we strongly believe that everyone deserves access to healthcare and the opportunity to live a better quality life.

Our initiatives make the best use of our resources – our people and our products. We combine traditional philanthropic methods with our mainstream operations, which already enable access to our medications to create a meaningful impact on our community and environment.

Our projects range from donating Medisel (K) Limited’s medicines, volunteering valuable employee skills and initiatives to sustain the environment such as planting trees.



Medisel (K) Limited supports the Lil Magic Foundation

On 29th January 2019, Medisel (Kenya) Limited donated first aid kits for supporting the Lil Magic Foundation’s Ambulance Mashinani initiative and First Aid Traning Program.

The Ambulance Mashinani project provides First Aid on the ground in villages and specialises in taking care of pregnant mothers and providing home-based care for those with chronic diseases.

The First Aid Training Program focuses on safety training and targets primary schools to capacitate them from a young age.

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