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We distribute and market a comprehensive, diverse and highly complementary portfolio of branded and generic products targeting a wide spectrum of chronic and acute treatments across several therapeutic segments.

Our products cover the full range of dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, injectables, ointments, creams and liquids. The therapeutic segments covered by our portfolio of over 100 high quality molecules include Anti-Allergic, Anti-Biotics, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Malaria, Cardiac, Derma, Gastro, Multi-Vitamins/Multi-Minerals, Neuro-Psychiatry, Ophthalmic, Pain Segment, Urology and many more.


You can find a complete A-to-Z list of our branded and generic pharmaceutical products below. To learn more about a specific product, please browse or search alphabetically by product name. Kindly contact us if you require any further information about our products.

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Company Name
Therapy Area
Pack Type
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Product NameCompany NameTherapy AreaMoleculeStrengthFormPack TypePack Size
Ecofree 120Nic PharmaPain SegmentEtoricoxib120mgTabletsAlu-Alu1 x 10
Ecofree 90Nic PharmaPain SegmentEtoricoxib90mgTabletsAlu-Alu1 x 10
Ecofree PlusNic PharmaPain SegmentEtoricoxib, Paracetamol60mg + 500mgTabletsAlu-Alu1 x 10
Elstop 2mg CapsulesGenericGastroLoperamide2mgCapsulesBlister Pack10 x 10
Emadon 4mg/2ml InjectionGenericGastroOndansetron4mg/2mlInjectionAmpoule10 Amps
Emadon 8mg/4ml InjectionGenericGastroOndansetron8mg/4mlInjectionAmpoule10 Amps
Emadon SyrupUnicorn PharmaGastroOndansetron2mg/5mlSyrupBottle1 Bottle
Emadon TabletsUnicorn PharmaGastroOndansetron4mgTabletsN/A1 x 10
Enapril 10mgIntasAnti-HypertensiveEnalapril Maleate10mgTabletsN/A10 x 10
Enapril 20HIntasAnti-HypertensiveEnalapril Maleate, HydrochlorothiazideN/ATabletsN/A3 x 10
Enapril 20mgIntasAnti-HypertensiveEnalapril Maleate20mgTabletsN/A10 x 10
Enzoflam TabletsAlkemPain SegmentNsaid, SerratiopeptidaseN/ATabletsBlister Pack1 x 10
Ergometrine InjectionGenericChildbirth/LactationErgometrine0.5mgInjectionAmpoule100 Amps
ERY-C 250mg TabletsGenericAnti-BioticsErythromycin250mgTabletsBlister Pack10 x 10
Essvit TabletsOchoa LaboratoriesMulti-Vitamins/Multi-MineralsBiotin5mgTabletsBlister Pack10 x 10
Euchlor 1000mg InjectionGenericAnti-BioticsChloramphenicol1000mgInjectionVial10 Vials
Exevate MF OintmentOchoa LaboratoriesAnti-FungalActic Acid, Betamethasone, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Lactate, UreaN/AOintmentTube10 Tubes
FCN 150mgIntasAnti-FungalFluconazole150mgTabletsN/A1 x 1
FizziMol 500mgOchoa LaboratoriesPain SegmentSoluble Paracetamol500mgTabletsN/A1 x 16
Floxin 250GenericAnti-BioticsFlucloxacillin250mgCapsulesBlister Pack10 x 10
Flucon 150 CapsulesGenericAnti-FungalFluconazole150mgCapsulesBlister Pack1 x 10
Flucon 200 CapsulesGenericAnti-FungalFluconazole200mgCapsulesBlister Pack1 x 10
Flucon 50 CapsulesGenericAnti-FungalFluconazole50mgCapsulesBlister Pack1 x 10
Flunil 20mgIntasNeuro-PsychiatryFluoxetine Hydrochloride20mgCapsulesN/A3 x 10
Fluphenazine InjectionGenericNeuro-PsychiatryFluphenazineN/AInjectionAmpoule5 Amps
Forgen 1000mg InjectionAlkemAnti-BioticsCefpirome1000mgInjectionVial1 Vial
Funginazol IVNic PharmaAnti-FungalFluconazoleN/AInjectionVial1 Vial
Furomed 10mg/ml InjectionGenericDiureticFrusemide10mg/mlInjectionAmpoule10 Amps
Furomed 40GenericDiureticFrusemide40mgTabletsBlister Pack, Plastic Tin10 x 10, 1000
Fusigo CreamOchoa LaboratoriesDermaFusidic Acid20mgCreamTube10gm


Product NameCompany NameTherapy AreaMoleculeStrengthFormPack TypePack Size