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Medisel Kenya Limited has always placed a great importance on managing its business responsibly and in compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements that govern the way we market and sell our products.

Our organisational structure and training programs are a testament to our long-standing commitment to ethical corporate activity. We continuously examine our internal processes and have implemented measures to immediately action any potential violations.

In our operations over the years, we have ensured that we have met all the requirements stipulated by the Regulatory Boards of Kenya, and all the other countries that we export to. We are the exclusive agency for particular brands across the region, and having to meet the quality standards of these global bodies is further assurance to the quality of our products.

In addition to being fully compliant by the WHO and the GMP recommendations, Medisel Kenya Limited is approved and licenced by the following regulatory authorities.


Pharmacy and Poisons Board

PPBThe Pharmacy & Poisons Board is the Drug Regulatory Authority established under the Pharmacy and Poisons Act, Chapter 244 of the Laws of Kenya. The Board regulates the Practice of Pharmacy and the Manufacture and Trade in drugs and poisons.

Tanzania Food & Drugs Authority

TanzaniaTanzania Food and Drugs Authority is established in accordance with the Executive Agencies Act, Cap 345 of 1997 and its amendments of 2009. Mandated to regulate the quality, safety and efficacy of food, medicines, cosmetics and medical devices.

National Drug Authority of Uganda

UgandaThe National Drug Authority was established in 1993 by the National Drug Policy and Authority Statute which in 2000 became the National Drug Policy and Authority (NDP/A) Act, Cap. 206 of the Laws of Uganda. NDA is committed to protecting human and animal population from poor quality, unsafe and ineffective drugs.

Ministry of Health & Fight Against HIV/AIDS

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Republic of Rwanda Ministry of Health

Rwanda - Ministry of HealthThe main goal of the Ministry is to provide and continually improve the health services of the Rwandan population through the provision of preventive, curative & rehabilitative health care.

Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority

ZambiaZambia Medicines Regulatory Authority is the Statutory National Medicines Regulatory Body for Zambia established under an Act of Parliament, the Medicines and Allied Substances Act No. 3 of 2013 of the Laws of Zambia.